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Program Resources
For those who have attended one of our great library programs and need more information, click on the links below to access their online tutorials. 
Made from a wire frame with a few clear crystals and colored fire polish beads, they can be large enough for window decoration like the one shown, or small enough to be hung from a tree.
This site has many different cake pop ideas.

What's more beautiful than a rose? A rose made of Duck Tape. There's no dirt and no thorns to deal with. Plus, you don't ever have to water it.

Great soap idea for home or for gifts!
Great felt wreath DIY project that can done for the holidays or just for decoration.
The Japanese kusudama is a paper ball made out of multiple identical origami shapes glued together.

Creamy chocolate surrounding a marshmallow surprise center- pop it into a cup of hot milk and YUM- a perfect yummy creamy cup of cocoa.  Wrap them up and they make the PERFECT winter gift!